Choose a Notary That Passed the Test

When choosing a notary, it is important to understand how and where your notary is commissioned. Louisiana law requires certain notaries to pass a rigorous test to ensure they know how to handle your matter correctly.

Not all Louisiana Notaries have the same commission. Some are commissioned to work exclusively in a particular parish, while others may work in the parish they’re commissioned plus some of the neighboring parishes.

At Louisiana Notary & Title, all our Notaries have Statewide Jurisdiction and are authorized to practice notarial services across the entire state.

If a Notary has Statewide Jurisdiction like ours do, they have passed a rigorous exam that tests them on areas of the law including Authentic Acts, Wills, Mandates (Powers of Attorney), Bills of Sale, Acts of Donation and much more.

To have Statewide Jurisdiction means that a person passed either the Louisiana Notary Exam (also known as the “mini-bar exam”) to become a Louisiana Notary, or the Louisiana Bar Exam to become a licensed Louisiana Attorney.

Louisiana Notary & Title is proud that all our Notaries have passed the exam and have Statewide Jurisdiction.

To find out if your notary has passed the test, look them up here.

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