Louisiana Boat Sales: Fishing for Answers

I love going fishing in the summer. Spending time with friends and family in Louisiana’s beautiful waters, taking in our wonderful weather and reeling in some specks or bass is a great way to spend a day.

I know a lot of you enjoy fishing, too, because we have a lot of customers come in to complete the process of buying a boat, motor or trailer and, unfortunately for Louisianans, this seemingly simple transaction can be messier than filleting a fish with a dull knife.

Two of our most common issues involve the transfer of boats and boat trailers, in which the seller fails to have his or her signature notarized on the Title or Bill of Sale. This causes a number of problems that can be easily avoided by coming to us first.

If you’re going to be involved in the transaction of a used boat, motor or trailer, have the buyer and seller stop by one of our locations (they don’t have to come at the same time), and we’ll make sure the document is filled out and notarized correctly.

As we know from experience, Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries is very particular about the transfer of used boating equipment. So skip the hassle and come to us first.

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